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Fix Your Mosin Nagant Sights Once and For All

Fix Your Mosin Nagant Sights Once and For All

Williams Flat Base WGRS receiver sight for hex receiver Mosin:   http://amzn.to/1NyvJ5f

Some are happy with their Mosin Nagant sights and shoot them without complaint. NOT me and years of shooting Mosins have revealed persistent problems. They always shoot very high in stock form and this cannot be corrected in stock form. Windage is very difficult to change and the sight picture is still coarse; typical of the 19th Century battle rifle era. The sights suck. Here’s the original and effective TNP original solution to cure them once and for all: mount Williams Gun Sights, drilled and tapped into the rear receiver. This is an advanced gunsmithing solution that won’t be for everyone; you assume all risks and results/mistakes by performing it. Step by step we show you how this impressively simple and effective Mosin Nagant solution comes together. But if you have good mechanical skills, it’s easy. The latter half of the video is range time where I show the indisputable results of this cool Mosin sight mod.

Note: I also tried the “Smith Sights” adjustable front sight and it was difficult to adjust precisely, didn’t fit the dovetail right, provided no improvement in sighting picture, post was too thick and not tall enough. I also tried grinding and adjusting eBay taller front sights. They also sucked and both of these Mosin solutions remain “not recommended” here.

6-48 Tap in Amazon: http://amzn.to/1kzPLAF
Williams Flat Base WGRS receiver sight for HEX receiver Mosin: Williams Flat Base WGRS receiver sight for ROUND receiver Mosin: Order #70274 WGRS-SAVAGE at http://www.williamsgunsight.com/gunsights/wgrs.htm

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