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Soldier Boy Drill: Can You Load a Garand?

Another inception of the Soldier Boy Drill happens here; this is one of several videos that will emerge from this event. After posting a “call out” video looking for real and ready candidates, motivated and ready, SB lives on in TNP. This again is a short notice challenging tactical shooting drill set up in the wild places of the Utah desert. It occurs in challenging weather and temperatures, night and day, rain and snow, and applicants are expected to face and overcome the harsh conditons. Chosen applicants are expected to have their systems fully squared away to include LBE, holster, sling, pistol, carbine, ammo, optics, physical fitness, and clothing. A lot of running is required. This gets the heart rate up and provides a mild stresser they have to deal with. Most of the weapon testing in TNP has been tested this way since 2008. The first run is evaluational where the SB Drill runner will be on his/her own. I’ll act as the in-your-face and mocking Drill Sargeant, all in good fun.

A subsequent run is then ran with tips and instruction from Nutnfancy to help out. The viewer will as always gain insight to many things such as what works and what doesn’t in an operational environment.

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