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Check out the example of why the USAF moved off of machine guns and went to cannon. If there (0)

S&W Model 4006 TSW CHP Police Trade in Pistol Review. The California Highway Patrol issued the S&W Model 4006TSW from (0)

Take a look at our test of Speer’s .45 Auto 230 Gold Dot. The Gold Dot is not technically a (0)

Extraordinarily accurate, the Mossberg MVP achieved one of the highest accuracy results in the desert that we’d seen: 1/3 (0)

Canik TP9 DA Pistol is a Double Action/Single Action upgraded version of the TP9 V2. Retail price is $400 so (0) (0)

Official Urban Prepper video for Vanquest Trident-31 Backpack Review Subscribe: Watch next, “Urban EDC Backpack (v3.0)”: <a href="" (0)

The Beretta APX does have some quirks. The fieldstrip is strange, the trigger is crunchy, it has a rising/falling (1) <a href="" (0)

We take the Woodman’s Pal up into the mountains for some testing. We were not disappointed. The Pal (1)