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About 5 years ago I did a tree shelter out of rope and some limbs. I recently decided to omit (12)

In this video I show the process of building a large semi-permanent shelter at my bug out location! Get your silky (7)

Hurricane irma update riding out the storm in comfort. Dual power (4)

Storm Shelter Irma UPDATE. This is our hurricane storm shelter we built for this type of storm. (2)


September 5, 2017
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This video is about HUNTING AND SHELTER (3)

Finding natural shelter in the woods can make a HUGE difference in a survival situation. In this video we (9)

Shirt HERE: Get the Compass HERE: MORA knife hERE: Alox Swiss (10)

Using a small wood heater to make base camp more comfortable. (12)

A few years back I uploaded FlatHead Eds Bushcraft survival shelter frame. Flat Head was one of my outdoors (18)

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