Sensible Prepper Presents: “Anti-Terrorist Bag” Being ready to defend you, your family and our country makes you a Minuteman! Be prepared.

Ebay Link to Vism 26″ Gun Case: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NcStar-VISM-26-Discreet-Padded-Carbine-Rifle-Gun-Case-TAN-CV3DIS2947T-/350740556576?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item51a9c42b20

Minuteman Patch: http://www.magplates.com/
G-Code Scorpion Mag Carriers:
Hexmags: http://www.hexmag.com/
Trauma Kit : http://www.coyotetacticalsolutions.com/
AWS Gear: https://www.awsin.com
Klarus XT12 Light at Going Gear: http://goinggear.com/
Valken Gloves: http://valken.com/sports/
TP9SA Pistol Century Arms: http://www.centuryarms.com/
Inforce APL Weapon Light: http://inforce-mil.com/
Magpul MS1 Sling: http://magpul.com/
Paracord Bracelet: http://www.refactortactical.com/
Spooltool: http://www.spooltool.us/
Schrade Knives SCHF23: http://taylorbrandsllc.com/collections/schrade
Trijicon Reflex: https://www.trijicon.com
Dolos QD Barrel System: https://www.coppercustom.com/

Hexmag AR-15 Mags: https://youtu.be/eJTimhK8S-E
Trijcon Reflex: https://youtu.be/zsCrcc85dyo
Klarus XT12 https://youtu.be/js8A8Uh7QOc
Coyote Tactical Solutions Trauma Kits:
Canik TP9SA Pistol https://youtu.be/kTaXe2uwKww
Inforce APL Light: https://youtu.be/nDze3HWawyA
Spooltool : https://youtu.be/Nv-ShLf0X9g

Thanks For Watching~ Sootch00

Music is from Jingle Punks Royalty Free Music through the Fullscreen Network. Used with permission.


Anti-Terrorist Bag

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