Tom Sciacca visits with Chuck Fenwick and discusses the aftermath and effects of an EMP blast from a Nuclear Blast.

Update #1: Tom Sciacca asked Chuck for any extra comments on the video recently, and this is what he responded with:

Who knows, maybe someone will be expecting a dissertation on magnetic coupling, induction and the like. Or maybe it should be the production of high energy free electrons by Compton scattering caused by an EMP. However, Most people have never even read about EMP, NNEMP, HEMP, SREMP or CMEs. So, I avoided the technical and told people how to wrap their redundant electronics. He is correct though, there is a lot of good information on the category EMP out there. A good place to start is www.fas.org

At for this altitude thingy. 200 miles is not optimal. I stated 60 miles because I don’t work from notes. Actually the highest ground zero Volts/meter is about 40 miles and 60 miles is second best by a bit. Either would work best in a lay-down. 200 miles is the least, but covers more distance. Multiple EMP bursts would not be at the 200 mile altitude. There is a gif from “A Calculational Model for High Altitude EMP” found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:High_altitude_EMP.gif There are other references on line or in hard copy which will verify the same

Here’s the deal on EMP. There’s a big kaboom, then the sun comes up in the wrong place and if you didn’t listen to the simplified directions on the video on how to wrap your electronics then you will be banging rocks together for communication.


Chuck Fenwick Interview About EMP

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