John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ interviews Fermentation Expert, Sandor Katz about How Easy it is to Ferment your Food.

In this episode, John will ask Sandor Katz, author of Wild Fermentation and The Art of Fermentation over a dozen questions regarding fermentation.

You will discover how easy fermentation can be and how you don’t need to purchase any special equipment to ferment your food. You will learn how to determine if your fermented food has gone bad, and so much more..

Some of the information about fermentation you will learn includes:
Why ferment your food?
What are some of the benefits of fermented food?
What kinds of food can be fermented?
How can you tell if your fermented food went bad?
There is white mold on my ferment, is it ok to eat?
do you really need to use an airlock to ferment your food?
How fermentation is a version of “cold cooking”
Why you should never eat soybeans unless they are fermented
and much, much more

John will ask Sandor Katz the following questions:
02:01 How did you get into fermentation?
04:19 What are the benefits of fermented foods?
04:45 Is Canning vs Fermentations Better For Food Preservation?
07:17 Why is it important to ferment soil grown foods?
08:09 Why are bacteria Important to fermentation and soil?
09:15 How Does the Bacteria help us digest our food?
11:05 What are some kinds of bacteria that are in fermentations besides Lactobacillus?
15:25 Do you believe in using starter cultures in fermentation?
19:40 What are some easy fermented foods people can make?
22:41 What are some foods you enjoy fermenting?
25:14 How is fermentation a “Cold Cooking”?
27:23 How much and what kind of salt do you need when fermenting?
31:12 Do you need to purchase an airlock to ferment vegetables?
33:30 How do you when you ferment is done and if it went bad?
39:04 When your sauerkraut is soft is it bad? What is the proper Ph level for safe kraut?
43:06 What is the white fuzzy stuff on top of my cucumbers are they ok?
43:04 What are some of your favorite ways to use your fermented foods?
46:32 Are there any words of wisdom about fermentation you would like to share?
48:58 What is your website and contact information?

After watching this episode, you will know more than the average person about food fermentation and have no fear about fermenting your own garden fresh vegetables at home.

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Fermented Foods Made Easy with Fermentation Expert Sandor Katz

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