I was putting away some pasta I just bought at Walmart with some coupons and I thought I would show you how I store it for frequent/daily use. I cannot store my dry pasta in the boxes on shelves or I get bugs so here is my solution.

No brain surgery here, just thought I would share the tip 🙂

I have designated a drawer in my fridge for opened pasta.
I remove the pasta from the boxes since they take up too much space.
I put the pasta in plastic bags.
I keep the bags open so moisture does not build up and I put the humidity in that drawer to the lowest setting.
Its easy to see what different types I have on hand at any moment 🙂

If you have any tips on storing pasta please share them or if you have any stories on your stored pasta and what happened to it please share too 🙂

To your health, longevity and peace of mind,
The Healthy Prepper 🙂

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How to Store Pasta in Food Storage (Short Term for Frequent Use) for Preppers :)

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