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01:50 – What is the scale of most indoor farms?
03:00 – Sophisticated financing mechanisms in indoor farming.
04:15 – Diversity in funding sources.
06:12 – The history and shift from Organic to local food.
09:00 – The Hartman Group study on local producers gaining ground with consumers.
10:00 – How many farmers does it take to feed a whole city?
12:05 – What innovations in technology are helping supply consumer demand?
13:40 – Is indoor farming an “appropriate technology” or is it a trend?
15:30 – Organic vs. Local from a marketing perspective.
17:35 – How does the “Triple Bottom Line” work with indoor farming?
23:00 – What are the costs of indoor farming?
25:05 – Session 3 preview: What’s the typical capex and opex for these types of farms?
26:25 – Environmental impact of conventional agriculture
33:29 – Do you believe in labeling produce?
34:45 – Audience question: Is it worth it to use grow lights in greenhouses during shoulder seasons?
37:21 – Audience question: Can a small indoor farm be successful/viable in New York

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