Running the Sea Eagle TC16 fully inflatable travel canoe in extremely high and fast river water. And in a novice canoeist [who did great!] and a western garter snake. This video and actually much of TNP is about conquering your fears [do what you fear most], and using good gear, some common sense, and smart systems to do it. This video is a good representation of just that. We’ll start with another fast water launch in a bad place, then Jardine and I will swap the camera [perspective won’t be just of his feet…hang in there].

The Sea Eagle TC16 is a great boat but it can capsize with bad technique; just like we do at the end! If you were to do that in this fast Provo River, there’s probably no chance you’ll get back in. Water temp was about 53ºF this day) and without a dry suit getting back in the canoe with the fast water would be rough. Chances are you never would and the boat would have to be recovered, if possible, miles downstream! Does that happen to us…watch and see?

The cross straps discussed and showed helped the stability immensely. Review forthcoming on this adventure canoe. Watch the “get outs,” us tipping over at the end (ha!), and our little garter snake buddy we say hello to. Like all adventures this is another learning experience.

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