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plant. Drip emitters are sized not only by the dimensions of the emitter but by the volume of water they deliver. This volume is measured in gallons per hour or GPH. Most hydroponic drippers come in 1-2 GPH.
There are a plethora of drip emitter types out there, ranging from standard drippers to misters. Today, we’ll just focus on a couple of the standard types.
We’ve used two different types in our farm systems. The first is a standard, non-pressure-compensating drip emitter, which has three parts: a nozzle, the body (which will be the part installed in the tubing), and a small disk on the inside of the device.

Read more: https://university.upstartfarmers.com/blog/hydroponic-drip-emitters-what-you-need-to-know

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