UFO Sightings At A Party July 12th 2017. ©iUFOSightings. UFO Sightings at a party take a look at this amazing UFO footage. The source was across the building where the UFO flew over. The UFO looks amazing and it has three lights on it. The Lights are not blinking. If you look closely you will see there is a party going on over across the street. There seems to be other people that saw this UFO. Hopefully we get more UFO footage.
UFO Sightings are these orbs? There seems to be a helicopter flying by and two UFOs chasing this helicopter. This is just a visual beauty. Don’t think these orbs are flares because there is no arch in the motion. The Orbs also don’t have smoke trails. The UFO on the right seems to be pulsating. This is just excellent UFO footage.
UFO Sightings drone footage. Look at this UFO is it a meteor. This amazing footage was captured by the source when he was flying his new drone. This is just amazing footage. What is this object it seems to have a ring of energy around it. The center looks like it could possibly be some kind of creator. Proof positive on this UFO Sighting.
Our clip of the day comes to us from inside a plane. Look at what is going on. This is excellent UFO footage. This UFO is huge… There is no set shape to it. It looks like it is transparent in the center with some translucent energy around it. Judging the size by comparing it to the drone we would have to say it is 20 feet long. Proof positive on this UFO Sighting.
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UFO Sightings At A Party July 12th 2017

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