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©iUFOSightings. UFO Sightings clear UFO footage. Take a look at this amazing UFO footage. Looks like the UFO is over an Island. WOW the footage is crystal clear. This UFO seems to have some energy at the bottom of it. The UFO is creating head and distorting the area where the energy is. Just absolutely incredible UFO footage. This might be the clearest UFO footage we have seen.
UFO Sightings Clear footage for sure. Look at this UFO it was hovering around in the area the source was. This is just incredible UFO footage. The source was up north in Michigan when he spotted this UFO. The UFO Looks like it has multiple components to it but not sure how it is staying afloat. This is clear UFO footage for sure.
Alright the next UFO video comes to us from February 1st 2017. The source was on break at work when he saw this UFO. He pulled out his cell phone and started filming the UFO. This is excellent clear footage. The UFO goes behind the building and he chases it but cannot find the UFO again. This is great UFO footage and we are going to have to say proof positive on this UFO.
UFO Sightings take a look at this object February 1st 2017. This UFO was spotted by a drone 200 feet in the air. The source was testing out his new drone trying to see how high he can go when he looked at the iPad he was using for a monitor and saw this UFO. This is clear footage as the drone is expensive and has a good camera on it. The UFO has a lot of heat distortion on it. There looks like some energy or heat panels on it that are causing the heat distortion. Excellent UFO footage on this one.
This is one our favorite UFO sightings. Look at this UFO it looks like a space ship. This is just amazing. The source was standing over the freeway filming this UFO. The freeway in question is 696. So this UFO sighting comes to us from Michigan. Look at this UFO the top looks like it is a glass. This is just awesome. The UFO moved slowly along the freeway.
UFO Sightings Clear Footage Green Energy? What is this but clear footage take by the X iPhone wow this is awesome…. Really just released UFO footage please let us know your thoughts… Just wow and what happens at the end??? A smoke screen no idea we need your input. We are going to have to say this is some of the clearest UFO footage ever please verify!!!
Time for the UFO video of the day. This is excellent UFO footage that comes to us from Lodi Wisconsin. This video was sent to us by a farmer. He was pulling into his drive way from the store when he saw this UFO. He started recording the UFO and was in pure shock. The UFO seems to be happening during a snow storm. This UFO seems to be organic. Upon closer inspection the UFO is morphing. Just excellent UFO footage on this one and we are going to have to say proof positive.
UFO Sightings from inside a plane over Mexico. The plane looks like it is getting ready to land. This UFO seems to be translucent in nature. You can almost see thru the UFO. There also seems to be some distortion on the UFO no idea what is going on here. This UFO was filmed on January 24th 2017.
UFO Sightings Is this a low flying planet? Look at this UFO this looks like Saturn. The UFO is flying low and we are not sure what this is about. The UFO is excellent footage. If you have any furthered information please leave it in the comments below. This is just excellent footage.
UFO Sightings What IS It? Look at this UFO it looks like some kind of space ship. This is excellent UFO footage that comes to us from Michigan. The source was done shopping when he came out and saw a rainbow. He then pulled out his camera and started filming when he noticed this UFO in the air. This is excellent UFO footage. We are going to have to say proof positive on this one.
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We cannot guarantee all these sightings are 100% authentic. We just have to take the sources word. In the end you be the judge! We are a family friendly channel.


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