UFO Sightings Great Footage June 17th 2017. ©iUFOSightings. UFO Sightings great footage what is it? This amazing UFO footage comes to us from the winter months… This can be observed by the background. The UFO is just amazing and this sight is beyond amazing. Look at the cars on the ground. Look at the UFO how is it staying afloat? We have more footage from this UFO sighting that we will be posting soon.
UFO Sightings okay Happy New Year 2017. First up Archived UFO Footage what is it holy UFO… This UFO footage is undeniable. Next up we have the UFO in Alaska clearer footage with snow and what is going on? Heat distortion and this UFO is huge. Snow is falling and there is heat distortion on this UFO. Next UFO is from Germany with heat distortion and clear HD footage. This UFO flew over the sources house. What is going on clear UFO footage. Okay here we go UFO Sightings Mexico this is it! The clearest UFO ever. Happy New Year 2017!!!
UFO Sightings great footage Cuba. WOW oh wow this is awesome UFO footage that was taken in Cuba. The UFO is moving slowly and is just amazing to look at. Is this UFO made out of engines? Is it made out of recycled parts? What is going on over here this Is just amazing. Please let us know if you have any additional information on this UFO sighting.
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UFO Sightings Great Footage June 17th 2017

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