Featured: Canadian Prepper

Oh Boy… Not Good. Cherish the Days

We are entering a new dark age Premium Survival/ Emergency Equipment https://canadianpreparedness.com/ Gasmasks and Protective Equipment https://canadianpreparedness.com/collections/first-aid Emergency Food

Featured: Survival Lilly


Featured: Joe Robinet

Falling in the Water Update, Trippers Gone, Returning to and Checking in on the Creekside Camp.

I have some unfortunate news regarding Tripper, I give an update about falling in the water, and we return to

Featured: My Self Reliance

Wild Turkey, Trout, Forest Garden | Living off the Land

To become more self reliant during these unstable times, I am attempting to obtain 3 million calories from the land

Rustic Fence to Keep Moose out of my Off Grid Wilderness Homestead Garden

Moose regularly browse through my vegetable garden and orchard in the northern forest so I continue extending a rustic fence

Featured: TA Outdoors

Van Camping: First Night in the VW Campervan

Join me on my first night camping in the campervan. I’ve officially joined the van life and got myself a

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