Featured: Canadian Prepper

25 Powdered Foods That LAST FOREVER! (30 Year Shelf Life)

In todays video I discuss 25 different powdered foods and spices that last a really long time! Many of them

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Featured: Joe Robinet

PADDLE TO THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE! Finding and Exploring Inventor Wendell Beckwith’s Remote Cabin

Go to https://buyraycon.com/tripper for 15% off your order! Brought to you buy Raycon Come with me as I paddle

Featured: My Self Reliance

Off-Grid Workshop & Greenhouse, Tool Maintenance, Rainwater Collection, Fishing, Outdoor Cooking

A rainy week at the off-grid wilderness homestead encourages me to go fishing and catch up on some chores –

Milling Hardwood Flooring with Logs from my Old Cabin, Bull Moose in the Garden

I’ve been too busy milling and charring lumber in the rain to film much this week. Shawn James Channel: <a href="https://youtube.com/c/ShawnJames1"

Featured: TA Outdoors

24 HOURS: Sleeping in a Dugout Pit Shelter

I spend 24 hours in a pit bushcraft shelter that I dugout using a folding shovel. Thanks to The HISTORY

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