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Final Post Before SHTF

#survival #prepping #preparedness What would your last post, final upload, last status update say to the world before it all ended?

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5 Days LIVING in the WILD-Slaying EPIC Walleye fish for Dinner-STRANDED SERIES e4

#camping #wild #fish SCOUT GOES CAMPING Childrens Book https://store.bookbaby.com/book/Scout-Goes-Camping Day 5 Living in the Wild, Join us as we

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Build a Log Cabin Porch | Bear Lasagna in the Off Grid Forest Kitchen

#bear #logcabin #offgrid I use my hand tools to build the entrance portion of the deck under the covered porch on

My Camera Was STOLEN (wallet too)! | A Visit from an Old Friend

#offgrid #logcabin #friends Someone broke into my truck and stole my expensive camera and wallet. After dealing with restoring my

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Building a Cabin from Pallet Wood: Cheap Off Grid Homestead

We build a cheap off grid cabin using free pallet wood. We saved money building the pallet wood cabin by