Featured: Canadian Prepper

Somethings Coming and it Isn’t Good…

One of the greatest threats to critical infrastructure that we currently face, this is how an all out global cyberconflict

Featured: Survival Lilly


Featured: Joe Robinet

I put my Canoe on a Side x Side, explored a Creek, caught Brook Trout and cooked them over a Fire!

This is the first video I’ve shot in a while. I’m very excited about this video, I had a really fun

Featured: My Self Reliance

A Spring Heat Wave and Drought in the Forest, Fish in the Garden, Metal Roof, Rainwater Harvest

After a short winter with less snow than normal, I’m now dealing with a hot, dry spring that is making

CHARRED WOOD FOUNDATION for My OFF GRID Wilderness Log Cabin | Greenhouse Irrigation | Shou Sugi Ban

I erect the first walls of a charred wood basement, a foundation for my off-grid wilderness log cabin. A bear

Featured: TA Outdoors

Overnight Camping in a Bivvy Tent | Fishing an Ancient Lake

For the next 24 hours, I do an overnight camping and fishing trip next to a 200 year old lake.

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