Featured: Canadian Prepper

13 More Survival Gear Items That Last Forever!

#survivalgear #prepping #survival Back for round 2 with viewer informed survival gear that lasts forever! First video: 10 Survival Tools that

Featured: Survival Lilly


Featured: Joe Robinet

Camping with my Wife and Dog in the Fall

#camping #hiking #joerobinet NEW MERCH https://www.bunkerbranding.com/pages/joe-robinet Join my wife, myself and my dog on an awesome Fall camping trip. We

Featured: My Self Reliance

First Snow at the Off Grid Log Cabin | Winter 2019

We got our first snowfall of the winter on November 1, which was preceded by a mild but early fall.

Sauna Season | The Off Grid Bathhouse is Ready for Winter

I install the hammered copper sink in the log sauna and bathhouse at the off grid homestead and I prepare

Featured: TA Outdoors

Building a Turf Roof Viking House with Hand Tools: Bushcraft Project (PART 1)

Join me as I build a bushcraft viking house with turf roof. I use basic hand tools and simple building

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