Featured: Canadian Prepper

WARNING: The US Dollar Collapse

#economy #stimulus #prepping In todays video I share my thoughts on the current economic crisis and how it may soon get

Featured: Survival Lilly


Featured: Joe Robinet

A 5 Day Solo Camp in NONSTOP RAIN!

#camping #rain #joerobinet This is a trip I did in spring of 2017. It was just ice out, and nothing but rain

Featured: My Self Reliance

Surf and Turf, Wild Turkey and Northern Pike at the Cabin

Hunting and fishing a log cabin in Canada. Thanks for watching! New videos every FRIDAY. Please subscribe. My Other Channel:

My Priorities Have Changed | Sustainable Permaculture | Protecting My Vegetables from Deer

Building a permaculture food forest by hand in the Canadian wilderness. Thanks for watching! New videos every FRIDAY. Please

Featured: TA Outdoors

Iron Age Roundhouse: Building with Hand Tools: Bushcraft Project (PART 4)

Join us on this bushcraft trip where we continue building a historic iron age celtic roundhouse using simple hand tools.

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