Featured: Canadian Prepper

I Got a New Warrior German Shepherd! Heres Why Preppers Need Dogs

What are the benefits of preppers owning dogs? Are German Shepherds the best prepping dogs? OH AND!!!!WE GOT A NEW

Featured: Survival Lilly


Featured: Joe Robinet

Quick Solo Overnight Camping in Algonquin

#camping #algonquin #joerobinet Join me on a quick overnight solo camping trip in Algonquin park. I canoe in right before supper, set

Featured: My Self Reliance

Screened Porch on the Log Cabin | Off Grid Sauna and Bathhouse

#logcabin #offgrid #selfreliance I finish the front of the screened in porch on the off grid log cabin and then decide

Log Cabin Porch Build Using Hand Tools and an Alaskan Chainsaw Mill

#offgrid #logcabin #selfreliance I mill several half logs and planks to build the front section of the porch on my off

Featured: TA Outdoors

Building a Thatch House with Water Reed: Bushcraft Saxon House (PART 10)

We continue to build a log house in the woods using hand tools. We finish the thatch on the roof

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