The California Gold Rush drew people from all over the world to the rugged Sierra Nevadas. Now its a hikers dream – drawing people from all over the world. You can easily hike for miles and miles here. The problem is its just as easy to get lost.

Les finds himself in the predicament of a lost hiker. Travelling with a typical day hiker pack – only provisions for an overnight stay – Les needs to make the most of what hes brought with him, and scrounge the rest.

Fortunate to have a tent, he still needs to find nourishment without stumbling into poison oak which abounds in this area. Miners lettuce, wild onions, Manzanita flowers, pine buds and acorns are but a few of the local flora he can eat.

As night falls, its time for fire and he makes short use of the flashlight that he brought, turning this battery-powered utility into a real torch.

As the seventh day of his ordeal dawns, the local Search and Rescue unit takes to air and land to try and find Les. Truly lost, if they dont find him, Les could be in real trouble

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