Cowboys the iconic figure of the Wild West and the Colorado Rockies. These seven days finds Les surviving not alone, but with two horses. This gives survival a whole new twist.

Out for a casual days ride, Les (and horses) have to survive temperatures that vary from 70°F in the day to snow flurries at night. The mosquitoes are thick and relentless and mountain lions hunt in the area.

While trying to find graze and water for the horses, Les has to collect food in the form of wild edibles shooting stars, lady supper dandelion, glacier lily and more.

Then casting his hand at fly-fishing, he doesnt catch a brook trout, or brookie as theyre known locally he catches two!

And what better way to eat fresh fish, then cooked. Of course its always easier if you have fire with which to cook the fish, so utilizing his flashlight, he breaks the bulb but keeps the filament intact. Then with a simple push of the on switch, his fish fry is only a flame lick away.

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