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The Mount Marathon race is a wicked fun extreme mountain race held annually every July 4 in Seward, Alaska. The race is an all-out goat climb up Mt. Marathon to the turn-around at 3,022 ft. The pitch ranges from 38-60 degrees and racers must navigate rock, scree, cliffs and snow to reach the top. Then it’s an all-out extreme downhill scream (my favorite part of the race!) to reach the finish line in one piece. For many, this 3.5 mile race is THE mountain race in Alaska. The town swells from 4,500 to an estimated 30,000 for the race and 4th of July celebration. Many amazing athletes run this race including seniors 70+. Others race just for fun, but the grueling nature of it makes all who finish champions.

This is a very short trailer taken from a documentary I produced in 2009 about the race, its history, and the people who run in. The race footage here is from the 2008 race which had unprecedented amounts of snow on the course. Fun, fun, fun! To order the complete 55 minute documentary entitled “The Mount Marathon Experience”, visit To learn more about me, visit my webpage at: (linked on my YouTube channel.)

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