Running the Mt. Marathon race in Seward, Alaska is definitely an experience you won’t forget. The legendary 3.5 mile race up and down 3,022 ft. Mt. Marathon is fraught with danger and excitement. Hundreds vie for the privilege to run this extreme mountain race through a lottery and auction system while thousands more crowd into downtown Seward to cheer them on. A 4th of July tradition for 83 years, the Mount Marathon race is an event to remember.

This short trailer is from a documentary produced in 2009 that explores and celebrates the history of the race and the amazing people who run it. Top tier athletes and ordinary folk alike tackle this mountain, including some amazing seniors over age 70. The documetary follows one of those amazing seniors- Jerre Wills of Homer. At age 71 he snagged the race record for his age group and came away with “Ultra Geezer Jock of the Year” honors from Masters Athlete magazine in the process.

Order the entire 55 minute documentary entitled “The Mount Marathon Experience” at

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