Tape measure the very best I have ever uses is the Spencer Loggers tap.

Built from the finest materials and precision components available, each tape is individually hand assembled, inspected and tested. Tapes have a sturdy case, extra length, hardened steel gears and pinion, and a fast, automatic return. Tapes are engineered to last and keep out pitch and dirt – all at the same time.

All tapes measure 3/8″ wide and have heavy aluminum casings with a swivel clip on the end for hanging on a belt loop or tape guard.

All tapes shown on this page are Combination tapes – length on one side and diameter on the reverse. For length only tapes, see our page on Logging and Sawmill Supplies.

50′ tape graduated in feet, 10ths and 100ths on one side and 120″ diameter in inches and 10ths on the other side. Spencer Logging Autorewind Tapes

Spencer is the original loggers tape. The Spencer product line has been the industry standard for over 40 years, delivering performance day in and day out.
Proudly Made in the U.S.A.
Spencer Loggers Tapes feature:
Automatic rewind
Aircraft Aluminum case
Open Reel design with gear drive
Alloy steel main shaft
Active bumper to cushion blade tip
Variety of blade sizes and styles including English, English/Metric, All Metric, and Diameter. To Operate
Make a habit always to stop the tape with fingers when reeling in for safety, to
keep the tape tight on the spool, to keep the tape clean and to guard against
kinking. Do not let the tape rewind uncontrolled. Wear protective eyewear
when working with power tape measures.
The spring tension is factory set so the tape cannot be pulled out past the final
foot mark plus 2 inches. Tension adjustment is needed only when installing a
new tape or when adjusting the stopping point.

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