Another option on retreat security problem

Another way to address the weak position near the barn.

Retreat security problems during WROL

Thinking outside the box might help secure our weak points in our perimeter during a wrol…

Scenario 4 -The aftermath of the attack on our community.

We will address how to conduct a After Action Review of the attack on our community.

Rifle Paint Job

Facebook ► Twitter ►!/thehossusmc Website► My new paint which I will

Scenario 3 -Another day in the life of our retreat. School,Library and the attack.

Ideas about setting up a school and a library during a wrol situation. (I will list…

Starting Fire with Steel Wool and Ferro Rod

Scenario 2 -What to do with your dead during a wrol situation.

We prepared to live, did you prepare to die. What to do with the dead. Burial…

Bowdrill with no notch!

Using a normal baseboard I get a coal formed on the side of the hole in…

Using the bandana as a sling

Scenario 1-Tracking humans in WROL

Your retreat was probed at night. Learn how to determine number of people by 2 different…