This video will demonstrate some basic construction skills that you may find useful. There is a lot of joy building projects like this. To take a pile of lumber and make it into something useful is very satisfying.
As a member of society that has been raised in an ” I must have it now” culture going off-grid requires a complete paradigm shift in the way I must think. Carving a home into a remote Pacific Northwest wilderness is a massive undertaking. It would be easy to become discouraged if I stopped to consider the amount of work that needs to be done. God gives me strength. Establishing a homestead can’t be rushed and needs to be completed in incremental steps. Every time we complete a project it’s one step closer to fulfilling our dream.This is the hardest work and the best work I have ever done. I thank God for every day I get to spend on the mountain and will be eternally grateful to Him for calling my family and me out of Babylon. Thank you Lord, Thank you…

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