Improvised Bowsaw.

This is a Bushclass lesson over at Bushcraftusa.

Rain Catchment System… Simple but effective

We installed a rain catchment system for a friend today. We worked, it rained .. success!…

Journal of the Yurt 36 12GA R&D

Journal of the Yurt Updates

My backup emergency water plan.

My goal of being totally off grid water pumping plan in the next month or so.…

My radiators are Hot!

In pursuit on an Off-grid EMP proof heating system for retreats. 500,000 BTUS of heat circulated…

My Views On Police

Facebook ► Twitter ►!/thehossusmc Website► The rule of law means that

Story Time With The Hoss: Ep2 The First Time I Almost Got Blown Up

Facebook ► Twitter ►!/thehossusmc Website► Enjoy the story

Q&A Panel : Prepper Conference

Sensible Prepper Presents: Q&A Panel at the Sensible Prepper Conference Oct 2011. SouthernPrepper1 Channel: MrMadMick15’s…

Video Journal of 5 Bushcraft Outings

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