Cold Steel Spetnaz Special Forces Shovel

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How to enter a doorway with a pistol.

How to move thru a doorway to retain your pistol or how to take a pistol…

Primitive Trap – Reverse Figure 4

This is a how to video from Sigma 3 Survival School on how to build a…

Chicken update!

Elijah’s Chickens are doing great. We are just starting to get a few eggs. So with…

Our Spring Garden

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Simple Para Cord Bracelet Jig

Axe work and trying to Edit

I just wanted to see if I could put some music to a vid.

Preparing our children to drive and thrive!

A break from prepping! A fun day for the Kiddos! Watch More Engineer775: Subscribe –…

Cooking Bannock in the Deep Snow of Winter

#bushcraft #nativesurvival #alone

swamp kitchen swamp chair

When surviving in wetlands or swampy areas great challenges occur like finding a place to cook…