This is a video of my Urban Altoids Survival Tin that I carry every day. I show a comparison of 2 survival tins, one that is better suited for a Rural or Wilderness environment and the one that I carry that is beneficial for city living. I live in the Seattle area, where I am always within a 1 mile radius of a Starbucks, so having fishing wire or a fire steel on me every day is not necessary.

Yes, this Urban Altoids Survival Tin would not do me much good if I can lost in the Amazon Jungle. I’d probably be a goner (although I do have enough wilderness survival equipment in my EDC backpack). However, for my day to day life in the city, this EDC Altoids Tin gets used often enough to be carried daily.

If I ever decide to go on a family vacation into a rural/wilderness setting, I will leave the Urban Survival Tin at home and will carry a Rural Survival Tin that will better meet the needs in that sort of environment.

I’d love to hear your comments. I am constantly trying to improve my systems. Thanks!


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