BUILDING A BUG OUT BAG: Research and Development

This is the 1st part to my “Building a Bug Out Bag” video series that will document my process of redesigning my B.O.B. The bag will be divided into multiple “compartments”, which will each have two related videos: an R&D (Research & Development) video and a finalized version video that shows what I eventually decided on for items in the particular compartment.

This video is for my “SAS Survival Pouch” compartment. I am currently in the early design process of this compartment. This will be the first compartment that I will take out of my finished Bug Out Bag and strap on my waist, so if I were ever to not be without my main B.O.B., I would still have a minimal set of necessary gear.

Any input that you could provide to this survival pouch during its early design process would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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