BUILDING A BUG OUT BAG: Research and Development – URBAN TOOLS

(Note: Special thanks to “mrmonkeyman50” for all of his input on this compartment. His ideas and dialog were extremely helpful in creating the baseline of the Tools compartment. Thanks!”

This is part of my “Building a Bug Out Bag” video series that will document my process of redesigning my B.O.B. The bag will be divided into multiple “compartments”, which will each have two related videos: an R&D (Research & Development) video and a finalized version video that shows what I eventually decided on for items in the particular compartment.

This video is for my “URBAN TOOLS” compartment. I am currently in the early design process of this compartment. This Tools Compartment would be included in my Bug Out Bag and will be labeled so another person would be able to easily identify it, if necessary (Ex: the wife).The tools discussed in this video will not be for those looking at creating a BOB for a rural environment. It would be too much extra weight. But for an urban environment, I feel that having a basic set of tools for repair and emergency is essential.

Any input that you could provide to this TOOLS compartment during its early design process would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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