In celebration of reaching 100 subscribers, I thought it would be fun to have a Giveaway Contest. I have 2 prizes to give away, and loyal subscribers (those who were subscribed BEFORE this giveaway contest) have two chances to win.


– Fenix LD20 Flashlight (x 2)


I am currently in the market for a new EDC knife. I do not want to spend more than $100. Since I live in the Seattle area, the knife MUST meet the following Seattle knife laws:

– It cannot be a fixed-blade knife
– The blade cannot be more than three and one-half inches (3 1/2″) in length
– It cannot be a switchblade

For more information on Seattle Municipal Code, please visit:


1) You must subscribe to TheUrbanPrepper channel
2) Must be over 18 years of age
3) Video response must be 5 minutes or less
4) Show your favorite EDC knife that satisfies Seattle law (length, non-auto, folding) and has a MSRP of less than $100 USD (or foreign currency equivalent).
5) Explain why it’s your favorite
6) Say what you like about TheUrbanPrepper channel (Marketing Research)


I will select the top 2 Video Responses for a legal Seattle EDC knife that is less than $100. Current subscribers (as of Friday, May 3rd @ 12:00pm PST) have TWO (2) chances to win, as I will select the top “current subscriber” Video response to win one of the Fenix LD20’s. I will then select the top overall video response to win the second Fenix LD20.


Friday, May 27th @ 12:00pm PST

Thank you for all of the support! I am looking forward to seeing what my new EDC knife will be. 🙂 Please send me a message if you have any questions regarding the contest.

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