BUILDING A BUG OUT BAG: Research and Development – HYGIENE

This video is for my “HYGIENE” compartment. I am currently in the early design process of this compartment. This Hygiene Compartment would be included in my Bug Out Bag and will be labeled so another person would be able to easily identify it, if necessary (Ex: the wife). The items include:

Razor (*)
Shaving Cream (*)
Gold Bond
Eucerin (my nuckles get really dry)
Insect Repellent
Hand Sanitizer
Nail Clippers (small)
Mini Scissors
Chap Stick
Wet Wipes
Mouthwash (*)
Toilet Paper
Mini Shovel
Collapsible Bucket
Travel Laundry Detergent (Tide)

All of these hygiene items probably are not that important compared to other areas (Ex: Food and Water) , but I figure there’s 3 reasons for having them:

1) MORAL: My wife would become extremely depressed during a bug out scenario and these items would help her feel a little “normal”.
2) CLEANLINESS: In a bug out scenario, being clean will help with diseases and avoid sickness.
3) PUBLIC IMPRESSION: I think people are treated better when they are clean, don’t smell and look good. If we were in a bug out scenario, and ended up smelling like a homeless person, I would imagine that if we tried to get aid by another group we would be looked down upon, verses if we were semi clean and looked like a nice family trying to survive.

Any input that you could provide to this HYGIENE compartment during its early design process would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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