Urban EDC (Every Day Carry) by TheUrbanPrepper

All of us have EDC’s, or Every Day Carry items, that we bring with us when we go out. Some of us don’t call it that, but “EDC” is the popular term used online. My EDC items are fairly similar to others on YouTube, however I would like to not only show you “what” I carry, but “why” and “how”.

In this video I show you my EDC and the “tiered system” I use for carrying it. This tiered system helps me have redundancy in my system to help if I were to forget a particular item. I have certain rules that I follow to help “please the wife” and keep me from looking too tactical. As always, I am constantly looking for ideas on improving my system, so please feel free to leave constructive comments on this video to help me create a perfect EDC that works for “me” (not necessaryily “you”). I understand that your needs will probably differ from mine, especially if you live in more of a rural environment. As with all of my videos, my approach comes from an urban perspective, since I live in the a city environment.

I hope you enjoy this video on my Every Day Carry (EDC) items and system!

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