Thursday, May 19, 2011: I just wanted to provide all of my subscribers a brief channel update on my current prepping activities. First off, I’d like to give a quick reminder that there is only a week remaining on my “100 Subscribers Giveaway Contest”. All of the video responses so far have been great and I have really enjoyed watching all of them. I can’t wait to give away these to Fenix LD20’s, because frankly, I want one of them! 🙂 If you are still planning on doing a video response to enter this contest, please do so in the next week.

I also wanted to thank everyone that have been supporting my “Building a Bug Out Bag” video series. All of the comments have been great and you have really helped me improve my BOB setup. I am past halfway point for this project and it is exciting to have the finish line in sight!

Please feel free to contact me regarding anything prepping related. I always enjoy collaborating and bouncing ideas off of the YouTube community.

Have a great weekend!


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