Introduction: BUG OUT LIBRARY

All of the gear and survival items that we “preppers” have been stockpiling are good to have, but the main thing we need is “Knowledge”. Since I am not a survival expert, someone with a military background, or have any experience in a “real life” emergency/survival scenario, I am going to need to have as much knowledge and information as possible in a bug out scenario that will help ensure the safety of myself and my family.

Unfortunately, I cannot just bring my entire bookshelf filled with survival books, how to manuals, emergency preparedness instructions and more. It’s just too big and too heavy. That lead me to wanting to have an E-Reader be utilized in my new bug out bag, which would provide me thousands of books, PDF’s, manuals, maps and more that can be referenced in an emergency situation; all stored in a few ounces.

This video shows the plans and ideas that I am looking at that will hopefully help me achieve my goals in accumulating “knowledge”. I really hope that you, the viewers, can help me refine this important system for my bug out bag. I have not seen any others on YouTube using this system (although I may have missed it), so this is unfamiliar territory for me. As always, I will be attempting to implement this system from an “Urban” perspective. I am really excited to see how this Bug Out Library materializes over the next several weeks.

Please feel free to leave constructive comments. If you are watching this video, then we are like minded individuals and hopefully we can all collaborate to refine our own personal prepping systems. Thanks!

(NOTE: Special thanks to “mrmonkeyman50” for collaborating with me over the past several weeks over this topic. In my “normal life”, I do not have the opportunity about talking about these topics with my friends and family; they either don’t care or just aren’t knowledgeable in the subject. Thank you for always being willing to bounce ideas back and forth with me!)

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