URBAN STREET SURVIVAL: Learning from the Homeless

One source of inspiration I have for my prepping projects has been from observing the homeless people in my community and wondering what they are doing exactly to survive in our urban environment. They do not have all of the fancy equipment that I do, yet they are THE experts of urban street survival in my opinion.

This video is an introduction to a new set of videos that I plan on making which will document prepping ideas that are inspired by the homeless and what they do to survive on a daily basis. A fantastic source of information that I have been recommended is a forum called The International Homeless Forum (www.homelessform.org), which documents the tales and observations of current and former homeless people. It is a gold mine of information from “actual” urban survivalists that I am hoping I can learn from and possible integrate into my own systems.

Please feel free to post comments and help get a dialog going regarding the homeless in your own communities. Through their very unfortunate situation, maybe we can all learn something to help us in case we are forced to survive in an urban environment. Thanks!

(Special thanks, again, to “mrmonkeyman50” for his collaborative dialog with me through private message regarding this topic)

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