Most of the prepping and planning I have currently been doing have been almost solely from a guys point a view. I thought it would be good to get a woman’s point a view for certain subjects on my channel. I would like to introduce “TacticalTemptress” to all of you. She has expressed an interest in getting into prepping and I am looking for a chance to try to create prepping plans for women, since after I am finished with my new bug out bag I am planning on creating one for my wife. A woman will have different needs than I will, especially when it comes to things such as load out weight, clothing items, feminine hygiene and bathroom supplies.

I am also interested in getting a woman’s point of view for my future EDC systems. TacticalTemptress will be making a few cameo appearances in future videos to help me with these sorts of topics wear fashion should be addressed.

I hope you enjoy this video and help me welcome TacticalTemptress to my channel!

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