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What are 3 books that you would want to have access to in an emergency/bug out/shtf situation? I am currently putting together a library of books for my Bug Out Library which will be stored in my new Nook. I would like you to recommend 3 books (as outlined below) that you feel would be indispensable in an bug out situation.


1) You must subscribe to TheUrbanPrepper channel
2) Must be at least 18 years of age
3) Must provide a video response that is 5 minutes or less
4) Show the 3 books that you would want to have in an emergency/bug out scenario and why you recommend them. You must have one book for each of these 3 categories:

a) Best prepping/survival book you’ve read
b) Best book to have in your BOB/BOV or BugOut location
c) Open choice book (including comfort reading, guides, etc.)

5) To make the contest interesting, the following books are EXCLUDED: SAS Survival Handbook, Bible, Pocket Reference Guide (by Glover), a magazine or a PDF manual. The book has to be a real, professionally published book. Multi-volumed sets are disqualified.


This contest will be a drawing. I will select 2 subscribers randomly who provided a video response that follow all the contest rules. Current subscribers (as of Wednesday June 1 @ 5:34pm PST) will be competing for one of the prizes, and current and new subscribers will be competing for the other prize. Each winner will receive a Jetboil Flash Cooking System.


Friday, June 24th @ 12:00pm PST

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