In my video “A Woman’s Perspective”, I introduced “TacticalTemptress” to my YouTube channel and agreed to help her create a Bug Out Bag to be stored in her car. However, after doing the initial research for this project I decided that it would be better for me to start looking at her EDC (Every Day Carry) system BEFORE starting to create her a BOB, since these items should ideally compliment each other.

In this video I make a surprise visit to TacticalTemptress’s place to see what items she carries in her current EDC bag, otherwise known as her “purse”. After seeing her contents, I am now planning on refining her purse items with more tactical items and better organization. After that is finished, I will feel more comfortable designing her BOB, knowing that at the very least she will have a good EDC system that could be used in case of an emergency.

Please feel free to leave comments and offer suggestions to this project!

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