Plum Crazy AR15 Lower

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Kimber Tactical Custom 2

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Retreat Design – Simple pump installed

On location to install a simple pump with the works … Motor, solar, battery, charge controller,…

The ultimate WROL bug out cabin with all the bells and whistles.

Engineer775 and myself are working on a great project to provide the ultimate bug out retreat.…

Off-grid Homestead Update

The day has arrived to decide on the location of our off-grid home site. The logging…

Eat The Weeds: Episode 128: Epazote Epazote is a common cooking spice and found throughout most of Central and North America.

.22 Silencer C3 Defense On A Sig Sauer Mosquito

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Ruger SR556 AR-15

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Blade Throwdown

Facebook ► Twitter ►!/thehossusmc Website► We were all standing around and

Stockpiling is good but producing is best for a economic downturn or a WROL situation.

Being able to produce something and corner the market in your local area will increase your…