“Bug Out Cook Out” (1000 Subscribers Giveaway Contest) by TheUrbanPrepper

“Bug Out Cook Out” (1000 Subscribers Giveaway Contest) VIDEO RESPONSE TOPIC: Using only the supplies you…

Appalachian Mountain Training Video 3

Appalachian Mountain Training Video 2

Case Hobo Knife Review by TheUrbanPrepper

This is a review of the beautiful Case Hobo Knife. I am really impressed with the…

Stand tall, and dont fear.

A talk from my heart. Be brave and stand for our core ideas as a country.…

Primitive Survival Skills – Cooking Meat in the Ground

#bushcraft #nativesurvival #alone http://nativesurvival.com

Appalachian Mountain Training Vid 1


Opportunity to help our fellow american, National Geograhic Special

National Geograhic tv show is looking to do a series on preppers. If you are interested…

Tagged, make an eating utensil.

My poor attempt lol, but it works.

Make a bush chair/bench

Another summer skilld challenge…I remade my seat in my lean-to.