In this video I show you my “Business Attire EDC” and the “tiered system” I use for carrying it. This tiered system helps me have redundancy in my system to help if I were to forget a particular item. There are many times when I need to alter my normal EDC setup when I need to dress in business attire (Ex: slacks, button up shirt tucked in, tie, sports jacket) for work or meetings. I utilize the 5th pocket in my jeans for my normal EDC, but since slacks do not have a 5th pocket I needed to alter my setup. Also, I try to minimize the gear that I carry to the office because carrying a decent size knife (for example) into the land of cubicles is not entirely necessary.

As always, I am constantly looking for ideas on improving my system, so please feel free to leave constructive comments on this video to help me create a perfect EDC that works for “me” (not necessarily “you”). I understand that your needs will probably differ from mine, especially if you live in more of a rural environment. As with all of my videos, my approach comes from an urban perspective, since I live in the a city environment.

I hope you enjoy this video on my Business Attire Every Day Carry (EDC) items and system!

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