“Bug Out Cook Out” (1000 Subscribers Giveaway Contest)


Using only the supplies you have in your Bug Out Bag (Ex: Stove, Fuel, Utensils, Stove, Pots, etc), create a video response that shows you cook your favorite full meal that could be prepared in a bug out scenario. No need to be in the field to cook this meal (you can do it in your kitchen), but you must use the cooking kit in your BOB and backpacking gear. Not only will this show off your recipe, but it will also highlight your specific cooking techniques using different stoves. For this contest, no using MRE’s or Mountain House Meals or heating up cans of chili; you must really cook a meal. And the meal must be served warm – after all, meals are an important morale booster in a bug out situation.


1) You must subscribe to TheUrbanPrepper channel
2) Must be at least 18 years of age
3) Must provide a video response that is 6 minutes or less
4) Show your favorite BOB Meal using only the food and equipment that you have (or would have) in your bug out bag. Some examples of BOB cooking equipment may be stove, fuel, utensils, bowls, pots, etc. Practice makes perfect!
5) It must be a “meal” (something that would provide enough calories for a bug guy like me) and not just a small side dish. Roadkill, trapped and or scavenged food is accepted.
6) The following food entries are EXCLUDED: Mountain House (or similar) Meals, MRE Meals and/or meals where you just heat a can (Ex: chili, Chef-boy-r-dee ravioli). If you do something like this, you will be disqualified!


The first prize for this contest will be a drawing. I will select 1 legacy (original 1000) subscriber randomly who provided a video response that follow all of the contest rules. The second prize will be awarded to the “best” video response as judged by a panel of 3 judges: myself, TacticalTemptress and mrmonkeyman50. All current and new subscribers who provide a video response will be involved in this 2nd contest category, Each winner will receive a brand new, highly collective Case XX 3 Blade Hobo Trapper Amberbone Handle Knife!


Monday, September 19th at 12:00pm PST

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