Improvised steel striker


Stopped for Open Carry in Eugene Oregon

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Water for a natural disaster or WROL

Dirty and hard work but worth it to give someone back up water without electric and…

Gameday EDC (2011) by TheUrbanPrepper

The follow video shows the alterations made to my normal EDC (Every Day Carry) when going…

Operation: Tactical Toes by TheUrbanPrepper

A few weeks back I filmed a hiking video from Central Oregon. During that hike I…

No Cordage Bow Bed and Mushroom Lunch

There are times when a shelter needs to be built and no rope or paracord is…

Smith and Wesson Tactical Pen

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Winners – “Bug Out Cook Out” Contest by TheUrbanPrepper

This video announces the two winners of my 1000 subscribers giveaway contest called “Bug Out Cook…

How to Re-assemble/Disassemble the Rajah2

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A suppressor in a WROL situation….Do they have a place in your arsenal?

What are your thougths about the cost of a suppressor verus the benefit in a WROL…