A prototype is an original or the first of its kind according to the dictionary. That perfectly describes this machete. I thought it would be interesting to bring almost 80 hours of work on this to you in about 38 mins. hope you guys like it. Timeline, Plasma cutting 01:47 Cutting blade 05:47 Cutting drawblade 13:50 Polished blade15:37 Making handle 18:10 Holes in handle 28:20 Making Pins 30:10 Assembly 33:47 TECHNICAL TRIVA. Most stainless steel machetes are made out of a martensitic type of metal like 420 or 440. They can become brittle when hardened, thats why most stainless steel machetes have the holes in the backbone. This helps absorb shock, eliminating premature blade breakage. This machete was a true experiment, it was made out of a ferromagnetic type of stainless steel. The higher ductility rate has eliminated the need for the signature holes or slots that most people see in all the stainless steel machetes being sold today. Some store bought machetes also lose chunks of blade upon chopping impact due to improper annealing, this experiment in ferromagnetic stainless may eliminate that too.

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