Foraging Edible Plants – Sassafras Tea (Leaf) | Wild Food

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Greenhouse…Something new for engineer775 and myself

Our $25 greenhouse and $50 heater has started us down a path we have never gone…


SplitWood Fire Three Times the Prep. Another Hardwoodsman Challenge

Man in the Creek Drill

Yet another Hardwoodsman challenge over at BCUSA

My Bush Buddy

A hike That Scout and I took this morning…very peaceful time with my best bud.

Bushcraft – Improvised Grass Filter | Self Reliance

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Wishbone Trigger System used with Latex Engine

Promatory Peg Trigger used for Fishing Trap

Useful and Medicinal Trees of the Eastern Woodlands 5

5 splitwood fires

Go to my channel to hear the audio…youtube muted it here.