Tech Protect EMP Bag / Unboxing / Equip2Endure by TheUrbanPrepper

Last week I received a package in the mail from “Equip2Endure”. The package is actually a gift/donation from “mrmonkeyman50” who won this item in a recent Equip2Ensure contest, and decided to donate the prize to me.

The following video is an unboxing of a Tech Protect EMP Bag (Faraday). These bags are designed to protect your electronics from an electromagnetic pulse. In this video I try out a few cheap test scenarios to see if the bag works as advertised. Please note, I am not an EMP expert and these tests may or may not properly verify that the Tech Protect EMP Bag would work for a real life EMP.

Thanks again to mrmonkeyman50 and Equip2Endure for sending me this item! I hope you enjoy this video!

Tech Protect EMP Bag

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