Trader Joes Pantry Preps by TheUrbanPrepper

The following video briefly covers what I have been doing for food prepping. There are a lot of great videos online that cover food prepping. Some people are able to have a whole room in their house filled with 5 gallon buckets, boxes of MRE’s and #10 cans. While a portion of my food preps follows this route, my main supply solely consists on having a stocked pantry of regularly used items that get rotated into the kitchen cabinets.

I this video I made a contribution to my pantry preps by shopping at Trader Joes for non perishable foods with Baby Prepper. Trader Joes isn’t the ONLY grocery store I shop at, but it is the focus of this video (my food purchases are more diversified). Please feel free to provide any comments regarding items you like purchasing at Trader Joes so I can revise my list the next time I make a Trader Joes Pantry Preps purchase Thanks!

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