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Glock 27 Sig Sauer .40 S&W 180 gr V-Crown gel test and review

We fire Sig Sauer .40 S&W 180 gr V-Crown from a subcompact Glock model 27 pistol into bare ballistic gel as well as through four layers of denim to measure velocity, penetration, expansion, and weight retention.

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Guns in this video:
Glock 27

Velocity avg: 929 fps
Penetration avg: 16.7″
Retained weight avg: 180.4 gr
Max expansion: 0.647″
Min expansion: 0.513″

15.9″, 17.5″
941fps, 916fps

Velocity: (error)
Penetration: 22.4″
Retained weight: 179.8gr
Max expansion: 0.464″
Min expansion 0.397″

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