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Best Way to Feed Plants Nutrients, Water & Oxygen

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shows you the best way to feed your plants nutrients, water and oxygen using a subsoil high-pressure irrigation system and a nutrient feeder that will feed your plants in the root zone where it counts.

In this episode, John shows you his Aquajet subsoil irrigation system that was not properly installed, and how it is being upgraded to the new prototype aquajet system.

You will learn how the aquajet delivers water and oxygen to the root zone of your plants to feed the microbes and plant the food and oxygen they need to thrive.

Next, you will learn about the Nutrient Injector that will inject water soluble nutrients into the water line that is then dispersed into the root zone of your plants to feed them organic water soluble nutrients that are immediately available for your plants and microbes to flourish.

John will then share the organic nutrients he will feed his plants with the nutrient injector unit thru the aquajet irrigation system. You will learn why he likes each type of water soluble nutrient and why. You will learn John’s specific feeding schedule for his vegetable garden.

Next, you will see how easy it is to install and use the nutrient feeder and how to load it up with your organic water soluble nutrients.

Finally, John will interview Rob Buff, the owner of Intelligent Irrigation, LLC, who is the manufacturer of the Aquajet Irrigation system to learn more about the Aquajet and Nutrient Injector.

0:42:58 Interview Starts
0:43:23 Can people order the 10″ spacing prototype aquajet?
0:45:19 What is the best water timer for the aquajet irrigation system?
0:46:39 Why would someone want to upgrade their drip system to an aquajet irrigation system?
0:49:33 What are some testimonials from customers that have purchased the aquajet system?
0:51:45 What is one testimonial from the past week about the aquajet?
0:53:10 After someone uses the Aquajet for the year, what do they say?
0:55:00 Let’s talk about the nutrient injector and why install one?
0:56:33 Any other thoughts about the nutrient injector?
0:57:35 Any final comments you would like to share with my viewers today?
0:59:20 What are the burrs that can occur when installing the aquajet?
1:02:04 How can someone order the aqujet or nutrient feeder?
1:02:22 How can someone contact you with questions?

After watching this episode, you will learn one of the best ways to feed your plants nutrients, water and oxygen directly into the root zone so your plants will flourish.

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Learn more about and purchase the Aquajet at

Call Rob Buff at 562-340-3951

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