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New Help at the Farm Wall: Farm Wall Vlog #5

In this blog, Travis meets up with ARK Regional Services, a local residential assistance program. The ARK helps people with intellectual disabilities to live their life the way they want to live it. For months, Travis Hines and Kiera Peterson, a leader at the ARK, have discussed ways to empower residents through farming. The Farm Wall Project was the perfect opportunity.

The ARK is involved in the Laramie Farm Wall Project because being a farmer is an empowering thing. Creating something of value and worth helps people feel that they have value and worth.

Travis met up with Aaron to go over the general procedures of checking the walls’ water levels, debris, and basic upkeep. Over the summer, Aaron helped keep the walls clean and watered, checking regularly and teaching others to care for the walls as well.

Not only has the ARK and it’s residents been involved, but they have engaged the community at the same time and given Laramie new ways to talk about enriching our downtown. Thanks, Kiera and Aaron!

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