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A Beginners Guide: Hydroponic Sanitation & Sterilization

Read the post here: https://university.upstartfarmers.com/blog/how-to-sanitize-and-sterilize-your-hydroponic-system

In this article and video, Ethan from our own grow room walks you through why keeping up on cleanliness is important, and gives you some suggestions on how to stay safe.

The number one benefit of a clean system is human health. If you don’t keep the environment clean, you’ll more than likely be harvesting produce that isn’t clean or healthy. It may even make your customers ill.

The second benefit is the health of your plants. If you don’t keep your grow room clean, you’re opening up pathways for disease and fungal pathogens.

The third reason that keeping things clean is so important is certifications and standards. Not only is it suggested, it is often required. Whether you are trying to be organically or otherwise certified, keep in mind that these usually have very detailed standards when it comes to sterilization and sanitation.

So what’s the difference, anyway?

Sanitation is the general cleanliness of your grow room. This might include sweeping, removing dead plant material from the system, mopping up any spills or messes, cleaning out filters, scrubbing your IBC, and keeping your harvest and planting areas clean and well-prepped.

Sterilization kills microbial life, including bacteria or fungi that could cause disease in your plants.

Learn more: https://university.upstartfarmers.com/blog/how-to-sanitize-and-sterilize-your-hydroponic-system

Timestamps/What’s Covered:

00:33 Importance of Cleanliness
01:31 Sanitation vs Sterilization
02:42 Cleaning Materials
06:15 Cleaning Process
10:31 Cleaning Frequency
11:55 Safety Do’s & Don’ts
13:47 Recap

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