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Sit-Down With the Wall Owners: Farm Wall Vlog #7

In this vlog, we talk to Dave Coffey, Zack, Shantel, and Ken, the business owners of the Farm Wall Project, and hear about their experience as Farm Wall hosts this summer.

Here’s what they had to say:

Dave Coffey, owner of Coffey Engineering: “The coolness factor is what attracted me, and the food going to a good cause doesn’t hurt either. . . It’s very low cost, it draws some attention to downtown. . . we’ve had our clients and our employees provide some very positive feedback. It makes our entrance to our business much more attractive.”

Zack Kingsley, owner of the Travel Inn: “I love the mint; that is by far my favorite thing on there. It reminds me of my childhood. . . I’ve seen a lot of interest from everybody.”

Shantel Anderson, a co-owner of Star Awards and Signs: “This Farm Wall project has been super great for our community this summer. It’s been fun to be involved in the project, it’s been fun to hear random people just walking around town just talking about the different Farm Walls. . . I would be super excited to see it grow in the coming years, especially as being part of Main Street. . . growing us into the Farm Wall capital of the world.”

Ken Cramer, owner of Cross Country Connection: “I think it’s a really cool way to use the space, which is empty; it’s available. . . It’s appealing to see stuff growing where it was just a blank space before. Both customers and people walking by ask about it. They’re curious. I like to pick a piece of mint and crush it up and have them smell it because it’s really aromatic. . . that’s a good conversation starter. It’s really cool to have more local produce… the more we have of it the better.”

Connect with Bright Agrotech:
Website: https://brightagrotech.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BrightAgrotech/
Farm Wall Site: https://farmwall.co/laramie/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BrightAgrotech
Instagram: https://instagram.com/zipgrow

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